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6-Day Ink and Beauty of Jiangnan: Embracing the Enchantment of Water Town

Embark on a journey to explore the ancient charm of Jiangnan as you visit the picturesque town of Puyuan! The graceful water town scenery, charming streets and alleys, ancient bridges, and majestic architecture transport you to a bygone era. Stroll through the streets, savor traditional delicacies, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural ambiance. As night falls, the town comes alive with the shimmering glow of lights, adding a touch of mystery to Puyuan under the starry sky.



Depart for Hangzhou today. Over a night for tour start tomorrow.


Today, head to Shaoxing to visit the Ke Yan Scenic Area. Shaoxing Ke Yan Scenic Area is a National AAAA-level touristdestination with the essence of ancient Yue culture and the unique feature of ancient quarry landscapes. It combinesthe charm of Shaoxing's water town, the remnants of ancient quarries, and the beauty of mountain forests into apicturesque scenic area. The area includes four major attractions: Ke Yan, Jianhu Lake, Luzhen, and Xianglin. It is also known as the "Jiangnan version of the Mogao Grottoes."

  • Yun Gu

  • Water Tiangong Buddha

  • Jianhu Lake (with boat ride): One of the famous lakes in Zhejiang, it is often said to be "Eight Hundred meter ofJianhu Lake," indicating its vastness in ancient times. Jianhu Lake is a scenic area in the Jiangnan water town style,suitable for sightseeing and leisure vacations. Visitors often come to Jianhu Lake to enjoy the picturesquelandscapes and immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the region.

  • Luzhen Town: Shaoxing's characteristic water town, and there is a theme park called "Lu Town," which is restoredaccording to the descriptions in Lu Xun's works. In this park, you will come across many familiar scenes, such as theLu Family Ancestral Hall, Kuiwen Pavilion, and the Tu Gu Temple where Ah Q took shelter. Walking through the parkallows you to reminisce about the episodes depicted in Lu Xun's works, providing a unique and special experience.

When visiting Shaoxing, one should explore a place with a mysterious allure, and that is the Daxianglin Tushita Heaven Scenic Area, which is a "National 4A-level Tourist Attraction".

  • In Shaoxing, there is a real-life Tushita Heaven Palace, resembling the heavenly abode from the famous Chinesenovel "Journey to the West." The Tushita Heaven Palace is truly awe-inspiring, standing at a height of 81 meters.When you visit the site, you will undoubtedly be amazed by this extraordinary architectural marvel. Although it is amodern construction project, one can imagine the substantial investment required considering its geographicallocation.

  • The Inner Court of Doushuatei Heaven Palace houses an indoor sitting Buddha statue, the awe-inspiring 33-meter-high Sagacious Crown Maitreya Statue. At the top of the Heavenly Palace, there is a Purple Golden Lotus Flowerwith a diameter of 56.7 meters, making it a world-renowned wonder.

  • Visiting Daxianglin is a delightful experience throughout the seasons. In spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms; summer brings the enchanting sunflowers; autumn is filled with the fragrance of osmanthus flowers,and in winter, the plum blossoms are a sight to be hold.


Head to Puyuan Ancient Town today. Puyuan Ancient Town is a town with a history of over athousand years. Its history can be traced back to the Sui Dynasty when the Grand Canal passedthrough the area. The name "Puyuan" originated during the Southern Song Dynasty when itbelonged to the Wutong Township. 

  • Puyuan Ancient Town boasts picturesque scenery, with glimpses of its charm evident in thesplendid views of Fushan Temple, Shufang Zen Garden, Puyuan Noble Residence, and themajestic Yue Family Mansion. The town is rich in historical sites, showcasing the profoundand long-lasting cultural heritage through landmarks such as the Beigeng Tower, PuyuanChamber of Commerce, Puchuan Poetry Society, and Meijing Theater.

  • At that time, Puyuan Ancient Town exhibited the beauty of perseverance in its eaves, corners, and walls. The clearand transparent waterways of Jiangnan flowed beside the quaint buildings, creating a picturesque scene. Boatsgently glided along the winding river, facilitating smooth and unhindered interactions between people. PuyuanAncient Town was renowned for its "Eight Scenic Spots of Puyuan" and the reputation of being a prosperouscommercial center as the "Great Town of Jiahe." The flourishing trade and historical heritage were palpable,creating an atmosphere where one could almost reach out and touch the past.

  • The "Past and Present" of Puyuan: Puyuan, as the hometown of Puchou, was once located in Jiahe, a land withdistinct four seasons and abundant water resources, and it was one of the five famous towns in Jiangnan duringthe Ming and Qing dynasties. During the Wanli era of the Ming Dynasty, Puyuan gained fame as the "Great Town ofJiahe," known for producing "ten thousand pieces of silk per day."


Head to Shanghai today to visit the newest trending spot for social media check-ins: Shanghai's Roots - the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Site. As the saying goes, "First there was Songjiang, then there was Shanghai." Located inSongjiang District, Shanghai's Roots - the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Site, boasts a unique historical and culturalheritage, combined with modern and stylish architecture.

Based on archaeological discoveries, the cultural layers of the Guangfulin Relics Site are divided into three layers:

  • The upper layer belongs to the Wu Yue culture of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods.

  • The middle layer corresponds to the Maqiao culture of the Xia and Shang dynasties.

  • The lower layer represents the Liangzhu culture of the Neolithic period.

The Guangfulin Relics Site has also proven that "Shanghai people" were already living in this land thousands of yearsago! That's why it is referred to as "Shanghai's Roots."

  • The Guangfulin Archaeological Site Exhibition Hall: It is located within the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Site in Songjiang, occupying an area of 7788 square meters. The exhibition hall's theme is "The Source of Shanghai City, the Root of Shanghai Civilization," and it uses a combination of "archaeology + art" exhibition mode to take youthrough the process of how Guangfulin was discovered through archaeological excavations.

  • The outside view of fascinating Underwater Museum: When talking about the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Site, one cannot miss the Guangfulin Cultural Exhibition Hall floating in the water. The entire exhibition space is setunderwater, making it truly magical!

  • A trending ancient-style photography spot: Inside the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Site, there is a perfect place forancient-style photography. The park features antiquated buildings with predominant vermilion colors, Ming andQing dynasty-style corridors, giving a feeling of time travel. From horse-head walls, stone carvings, brick carvings tothe Vermilion Bird Gate, this location offers an ideal setting for those who love wearing traditional Hanfu to captureancient-style photos!

  • Shanghai's Little Kyoto: The iconic building of Guangfulin, the Fulin Tower, conceals a thousand years of historicalrelics and exudes a feeling reminiscent of "Little Kyoto."

  • The bookstore nestled in the blue-tiled white walls: The most beautiful Duoyun Bookstore in Songjiang is hiddenwithin the Guangfulin Relics Park, housed in an antique Anhui-style building.

  • Jixian Garden: Guangfulin has been a place of great talent and spirituality, with 11 scholars passing the highestimperial examination and 19 passing the provincial-level exam during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Some of themserved as high-ranking officials in the imperial court while being renowned scholars. As a result, Guangfulin hasbeen titled as "Jixian Town" or "Jixian Township." The buildings within Jixian Garden are collected from the Anhuiand Zhejiang regions, primarily used as a space for commemorating and showcasing the historical figures andvirtuous scholars of Songjiang.

After that, head to the City God Temple, located in the bustling City God Temple Tourist Area in Shanghai. It is animportant Taoist temple in the Shanghai region, dating back nearly six hundred years to the Yongle reign of the MingDynasty. Next to The Bund and ascend to the Lujiazui Observation Deck. This is the best spot to capture the fouriconic high-rise buildings on the Bund. Final today would be having some free time for shopping at Nanjing Road.


DISNEYLAND DAY TOUR: The largest Disney theme park in the world,featuring the tallest themed castle.


Today, we will embark on a tour of Hangzhou city area. The itinerary includes a car ride on the Qiantang River Bridge, enjoying the scenic views along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, strolling down the quaint Xiaohezhijie (Small River Straight Street), taking a boat cruise on West Lake, visiting the Huagang Guanyu (Viewing Fish at FlowerPond), appreciating the beauty of Liulang Wenying (Liu Garden and Listening to the Orioles), and admiring the distant view of Leifeng Pagoda.

After dinner, we will be transferred to the airport.

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