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7-Day Highlight of Shaanxi with Mount Huashan

Shaanxi is a province in central China that is rich in history and culture. The capital city, Xi'an, is a popular destination for tourists because of its many historical sites, including the Terracotta Warriors, the ancient city walls, and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The province is also home to the starting point of the Silk Road, which played an important role in China's trade with the West. Visitors can explore the many historical and cultural sites of Shaanxi, as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the area, such as the Hua Mountain Scenic Area and the Yangtze River. Shaanxi is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Chinese history, culture, and natural beauty.



After breakfast, visit a historical site - the Zhengzhou Confucius Temple. It is the most well-preserved ancient Confucian temple in Henan Province, consisting of a gatehouse, various halls, a museum, and other buildings. It is a tourist destination full of historical and cultural significance.

Next, we will visit the Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Ruins. This national archaeological site park is built on the site of the Shang Dynasty capital city in Zhengzhou. It was included in the first batch of national archaeological site park projects by the National Cultural Heritage Administration in 2010. It is an important historical and cultural attraction in Zhengzhou, preserving a large number of ancient cultural relics and architectural remains from the Han Dynasty and Shang Dynasty periods.


Visit to Shaolin Temple and Pagoda Forest in the temple (with battery car + martial arts performance + earphones) today. Shaolin Temple is a world-renowned Buddhist temple located in the Henan Province of China. It is known for being the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu, a martial art that has been practiced by monks for centuries. The temple complex includes several ancient buildings, including the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Pagoda Forest, and the Mahavira Hall. The Pagoda Forest is a collection of over 240 stone pagodas of various sizes, each dedicated to a famous monk or master who lived and worked in the temple throughout its history. The Pagoda Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Shaolin Temple.


Visit to Mount Huashan (with battery car + mountain trolley + Beifeng return cableway) today. Mount Huashan is one of the Five Great Mountains of China and is known for its natural beauty and historic significance. The mountain features steep and narrow paths, vertical staircases, and breathtaking views, making it a popular destination for hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. It is also home to several Taoist temples and historic sites, including the Jade Spring Temple and the Cliffside Inscriptions. Mount Huashan is a unique and stunning destination that offers visitors a glimpse into the natural beauty and cultural heritage of China.


Return to Xi'an. visit to Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang (with one-way battery car + fairlead + DIY little Terracotta Warrior). The Terracotta Warriors are a collection of life-sized terracotta sculptures that were buried alongside the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, in 210–209 BCE. They were discovered by farmers in 1974 and are located in Xi'an, China. The collection includes more than 8,000 soldiers, as well as horses, chariots, and other figures. Each warrior is unique, with different hairstyles, clothing, and facial features. The Terracotta Warriors are considered one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century and offer insight into the military and cultural practices of ancient China. After that, visit Muslim Street and Bell and Drum Tower Square. Here is one of the representatives of Xi'an style, where you can see commercial outlets with a fusion of traditional Chinese architectural style and Muslim architectural style, ethnic costumes, handicrafts, halal non-staple food, restaurants and Muslim snack shops.

Proceed to Xi'an city after tour. After dinner, night tour to Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Music Fountain Square + Tang Dynasty Ever-Bright City.


Visit to the national AAAAA-level scenic spot - Longmen Grottoes (with battery car + earphone). The Longmen Grottoes are a series of Buddhist rock carvings and statues that date back to the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). The grottoes were created by monks and artists over several centuries and contain over 100,000 Buddhist images and statues, ranging from small carvings to large statues over 50 feet tall. The Longmen Grottoes are considered a masterpiece of Chinese Buddhist art and architecture and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They offer visitors a unique glimpse into the history and spirituality of ancient China. Next to the Lijingmen Ancient Street. This street is full of traditional charm and retains many traditional buildings and characteristic snacks. It is a great place for everyone to experience the culture of Luoyang. After that, we will visit the night scenery of the Yingtianmen. The brilliant lights make the ancient city walls, bridges, and other attractions by the river dazzling and enchanting, which is truly mesmerizing.


Visit to Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden. Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden, located in Kaifeng, China, is a 5A-rated cultural park that brings to life the famous painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival." Visitors can explore traditional Chinese buildings, bridges, and waterways, while enjoying cultural performances and exhibits that showcase the history and culture of the Song Dynasty. The park is also known for its delicious local cuisine and activities such as boat rides and calligraphy lessons. As a AAAAA-level attraction, it is a popular destination for tourists seeking an authentic experience of ancient Chinese life and culture. Proceed to Kaifeng and tour to Bao Gong Temple. Bao Gong Temple, located in Kaifeng, China, is a historic temple dedicated to Bao Zheng, a famous government official and judge during the Song Dynasty. Built in the 11th century, it features traditional Chinese architecture and houses several statues of Bao Zheng. The temple is an important cultural landmark in China, attracting both tourists and locals alike, and serves as a testament to Bao Zheng's reputation as an incorruptible official who was known for his just and fair rulings.

After that, we will take a boat tour on the Grand Canal of the Song Dynasty, which is about 2,500 meters long and connects the two major scenic areas of Longting Lake and Baogong Lake in Kaifeng City. The surrounding scenery is beautiful, and the cultural heritage is profound. Lastlu, we will stroll along the Songdu Yu Street, a commercial street with ancient architecture style. It offers many specialty products, such as delicious food, snacks, and handicrafts, which make it a great place to experience the ancient capital culture of Kaifeng.


After breakfast, we will visit Erqi Square and Dehua Pedestrian Street. Erqi Square is a large public square located in the city center, and it's a great place for people to relax and enjoy themselves. Dehua Pedestrian Street is a commercial street that is about 2 kilometers long, offering many brand stores and restaurants serving delicious food. It is an excellent place for shopping and dining. After dinner, we will be transferred to the airport.

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