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7-Day Northern Lights Discovery of Iceland Tour

The cold weather and arctic atmosphere in Iceland are maybe not the ideal conditions for many people. But you should think again! With active volcanoes, sparkling lagoons, spell-binding Northern Lights, and impossibly black beaches, it's no wonder this is the Land of Fire and Ice. Whether it's the never-ending hot chocolate in Reykjavík, taking control of the wheel on the Ring Road, which runs around the island, or trekking through magical ice caves on the South Coast, an Iceland vacation promises unique experiences not found anywhere else in the world.

Some Highlights:

  • A must experience in Blue Lagoon Hot Spring. Inclusive of entrance ticket, bath towel, nutritious mud mask, special drinks. Hold an ice drink and soak in the blue natural hot spring for a beautiful photo!

  • Walking along the Diamond Beach: countless ice stones, shining like diamonds, are too beautiful to be true. No wonder movies such as "Tomb Raider" and "Interstellar" were filmed here.

  • Direct airport pick-up and drop-off: Arrange the airport pick-up and drop-off directly to the hotel, so you won’t worry about getting lost again!

  • Giant Basin Crater: The 14-meter deep giant basin crater up close!

  • Head to the north end of the world to chase after Northern Lights personally.

  • Jiegulong Glacier Lake, close to the Millennium Glacier, floating on the lake.

  • Blue Ice Cave Adventure-Nature’s Crystal Palace, ride a special glacier jeep, pedal skates, and explore the blue ice cave (Rare opportunity in between April and October each year!).

  • Visit Reykjanes Peninsula, you can see the volcanic geothermal wonders at the junction of the American and European plates; enjoy the Blue Lagoon hot springs.

  • The most classic of Iceland: Reykjavik City Scenery + Golden Waterfall + Geyser + Southern Iceland Coastline + Black Sand Beach + Europe's Most Northern Ice Cap.



Free time upon hotel check in.


Breakfast in hotel, you will drive to Pingvellir National Park and the former site of Iceland’s ancient parliament. It is the most prestigious holy place in Iceland’s history and the cradle of the country. In 2005, it was included in the "World Heritage List" by UNESCO. The National Park, the former site of the parliament, perfectly displays the results of the movement of the two major plates of the American and Eurasian plates, and is covered with scars of the earth. Visitors often step on both sides of the crack to enjoy the sense of accomplishment "across two continents". Standing on the rocks of the Eurasian plate, looking far away, there is a vast plain on the opposite side, inlaid with the curved, blue Singvardra Lake (Parliament Lake), which is also the largest natural lake in Iceland. In 930 AD, the Icelanders established the world’s first democratic parliament here. Pingvellir means parliament land in Icelandic. The wooden observatory was the place where people gathered to discuss national affairs. The Icelandic flag was flying beside it. It is a natural black stone wall, and it also has a vivid Icelandic name-Logberg, which means legal rock.

Embark on a trip to Iceland’s famous Golden Circle, Geyser. When it is calm, this spring is a round pool with a diameter of 20 meters. The pool is filled with hot green water. , And slowly flow out along the gap in the pool. However, this calm situation can't be maintained for a long time, and it will suddenly become angry. I saw the clear water in the pool tumbling, and there was a gurgling sound similar to boiling. Soon, a column of water rose into the sky, and a hot drizzle fell on the blue sky. This process is repeated and repeated, which is very spectacular.

Iceland's favorite waterfall-Gullfoss (Gullfoss), it is Iceland's largest fault waterfall, about 2500 meters wide, divided into upper and lower levels, and finally into a 70-meter-deep canyon. The huge amount of water shakes up layers of water and fog, and it will always span the bridge rainbow on sunny days. It is majestic and the scenery is spectacular. (Iceland’s natural environment and geographical location are special, please follow the arrangements of the tour guide and the company for special circumstances.)

We will visit the Kerið crater* (ticket included). At the bottom of the crater, there is a natural lake with a depth of 14 meters, which is called the magical brush of nature. The blue lake water and the red lava contrast each other and create a beautiful contrast.

Later, we will visit the Icelandic Green Energy Greenhouse*. Through the use of geothermal resources, we will visit and taste the pollution-free green vegetables and tomatoes, through the use of geothermal resources. We will visit and taste the pollution-free green vegetables and tomatoes. *. Unlike the mighty and fierce horses, the Icelandic horses have shorter legs, so they look short and cute. In addition, the Icelandic horses are friendly and close to people, especially the cool and non-mainstream hairstyles, which add a lot of joy.

Chase after Northern Lights: After dinner on the second to fourth days of the itinerary, choose one night to hunt for Northern Lights, subject to the local weather forecast. Iceland is located at 64 degrees north latitude. Reykjavík is the capital with the highest latitude in the world, so we choose Iceland as your spot for hunting the northern lights. From October to April of the following year, you may see the Northern Lights, allowing you to appreciate the magic and magnificence of the dream aurora. The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon. Travel based on the Aurora Index. Participating in the tour cannot guarantee that you will be able to watch it.


Early in the morning we set off for a tour of the southern coast. We will set off along the southern coast of Iceland and admire the magnificent and exotic Eyjafjallajökull here, such as the Skoga and Seljalandsfoss. You can watch the waves of the Arctic Ocean on the beautiful and mysterious black beach and take a cool selfie; go to the small town of Vik where the mountains and the sea meet, listen to the legend of Viking pirates, and buy pure Icelandic wool Shirt. After the sightseeing, return to the hotel, dinner and rest on your own.

Reynisfjara, the black beach of Reynisfjara, has spectacular basalt pillars and smooth black gravel on the beach. The powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean continue to hit the landing site, as if all objects close to the shore will be drawn into the cold sea. Please be careful here! There is a group of Rennisdlange rocks on the beach, exuding dark colors, like a group of quiet and loyal warriors guarding this beautiful beach. We will take you here to feel the power of nature, appreciate the unique scenery, and listen to the stories and legends of this spectacle.

Seljalandsfoss (Seljalandsfoss), you can walk to the back of the waterfall and watch the waterfall from the most unique perspective. Seljallan’s waterfall originated from the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The volcanic eruption in 2010 made it famous all over the world.

Skógafoss (Skógafoss) has a very large water volume. It is 25 meters wide and 60 meters high. It can be said to be one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. It is located on the No. 1 ring road. Because of the height, the water mist of this waterfall is also very large. Therefore, when the sun is sunny, there is a 95% chance that a rainbow will appear. In many cases, multiple rainbows can appear. Therefore, this waterfall is also called Rainbow Waterfall. In addition, because the cliffs on both sides of the waterfall are covered with green plants, and the cliffs on both sides surround the waterfall in the middle, the white waterfall flow and the surrounding green plants match just right, so Skoja waterfall is also called forest waterfall.


Driving along the south bank, you will pass through Vatnajokull National Park to the unmissable glacier lake of Jökulsárlón. The faint blue lake and ice, wrapped in pure air, rushed towards his face. Numerous huge icebergs showed a shiny corner on the lake, slowly drifting into the sea. JOKUSARLON GLACIOR LAGOON, located at the southern end of Vatnajökull Glacier, is a landform wonder that the ice tongue at the entrance of Vatnajökull glacier retreats year by year and is gradually exposed. The water of the glacial lake is blue and clear, and large ice blocks of different shapes are floating on the surface of the lake. There is a faint blue in front of you, and time seems to be stagnant here.

There are countless ice stones stranded on the opposite diamond beach (DIAMOND), shining with diamond-like light. The ice sand floating on the shore scattered with the wind, making people feel like they are in a fairyland, and the beauty is unreal. Occasionally, there are three or two seals outcropping, playing freely in the ice. No wonder movies such as "Tomb Raider" and "Interstellar" were filmed here.


You can visit the many iconic attractions of Reykjavik and appreciate the main city attractions of the world’s northernmost pocket capital, the Sunshine Pirate Ship, the International Music Building Haba Harpa, the Kergrim Church and the Exterior Pearl Tower (PERLAN).

After a hurried morning, it’s best to relax. Reykjanes Peninsula-This rugged peninsula full of pristine beauty is rich in volcanic and geothermal wonders. It is full of mysterious geothermal hot springs, boiling mud pools and steam holes.

Visiting, the world-famous Blue Lagoon Hot Springs (including projects) will be your best choice. Soak in the light blue hot spring water, order a drink, have a water massage service, and then apply a natural mud mask to your face. You can relax and pamper yourself here. (Or choose the latest Sky Lagoon)

At night, under the most favorable weather conditions, start to chase the aurora hunting by boat (included). Together with other guests, you will stay away from the light pollution in the city, catch up with the aurora or wait for the arrival of the aurora.


Free time on your own the whole day today!


Pick up from hotel to airpot. Home Sweet Home...

Love this itinerary? Get a quote from our team now -

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