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8-Day Explore Beijing with Tangshan

Tangshan is surrounded by the Bohai Sea. Known as the "cradle of modern Chinese industry", it is a coastal town with one hundred years of history. In 1976, after the Great Tangshan Earthquake, a completely new city was built on the site of the ruins. Tangshan is nestled between the ocean and mountains. The complex and diverse landforms, local history and culture have combined to create a unique tourist destination. With the Great Wall to the north, there are all kinds of historical and cultural attractions to see. With the ocean to the south and many offshore islands, Tangshan has become an excellent holiday resort destination.



Upon arrival, check -in hotel and rest.


  • Tian'an Men Square : Tiamen Square is located in the center of Beijing. The largest public square in the world.

  • National Center for the Performing Arts (Outer view) : Colloquially describe as The Giant Egg is an arts centre containing an opera house in Beijing.

  • The Forbidden City : The Chinese imperial palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty. Is the world largest existing, most complete preservation of the ancient structure of one of the wooden structure.

  • Pedicab Tour Hutongs : Take the pedicab and drive through the narrow alleys and hutongs.


  • Juyongguan Great Wall : Is the Great Wall along the famous Guan City, known as the Great Wall, one of the three off the city. Also known as national AAAA level scenic spots.

  • Wangfujing Street : Is congested with large shops, hotels, specialty shops and famous long established shops. You can also taste various traditional snacks here.

  • The Place : This trendy lifestyle shopping mall has a walkway boulevard with Asia’s largest LED screen. Also a place for luxury shopping and a gourmet experience.


  • Marco Polo Bridge : Also known as Lugou Bridge, best-known arched bridges in China, it is 266.5 meters long, 7.5 meters wide and it has 11 arches and 140 stone columns.

  • Wanping City : Also known as Wanping Fortress, is on the east of Lugou Bridge. Inside the city there is the Museum of the War of Chinese Peope’s Resistance Againt Japanese Aggression.

  • Summer Palace (without cruise) : It’s the largest preserved classical imperial garden in China. In 1998, the Summer Palace was named the world’s cultural heritage.

  • Bird Nest (Outer View) :It’s well known as Beijing National Stadium and Beijing National Aquatics.

  • Water Cube (Outer View) : The elegant and complicated construction made them become the landmark projects of Beijing. You can have an outside look and take photos here.


  • Shilin Gorge(with 2-way cable car) : A good destination out of Beijing city center to touch the unique stone and rock formations in a 6-km long valley or gorge. “Shilinxia”literally means “stone forest gorge”.

  • UFO “The Eye of the Universe” : The world’s largest glass sightseeing platform that opened in the capital’s suburban Shilinxia scenic spot on April 30. The 415 square meter platform soars 33 meters from the mountainside, offering a top view of the scenic site.


  • Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park : Mainly show the disaster cause by the Tangshan earthquake on July 28, 1976, killed at least 242,000 people.

  • Tangshan Earthquake Film Base : The film site of Tangshan Earthquake.

  • Kailuan National Mine Park : China’s earliest state-level mine park. Is a mine exploration place. Also showing the history of coal mine and coal mining process. Is a good place to understand the knowledge of coal.


  • Temple of Heaven : It is the largest and most representative existing masterpiece among China’s ancient sacrificial buildings.

  • Old Beijing Street : Donghuamen Night Market is a veritable food zoo : lamb, beef and chicken skewers, corn on the cob, smelly doufu (tofu) and more to try with own expenses.

  • Silk Street : Is a prosperous shopping market that accommodates over 1,000 retailers and is regarded as one of the symbols.


Transfer to airport after breakfast. Home sweet home!

Love this itinerary? Get a quote from our team now -

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